We hope you not only find a place where you belong but the courage to get involved and become a vital part of who we are as a church family. Without the people, we are simply a building, and without Christ in our midst, we are nothing. Together we live out our mission.

We have many ministry opportunities from serving on our Meal Team, Silver Eagles, Welcoming Team, Communion Team, Care Team, Asbury Motor Club to Office, Media and Worship...there is a place for you to serve in your areas of interest.



Committee Meets 1st Tuesday of each month in the conference room

At Asbury when we say missions are the life blood of the church, we mean it. Extending the hands and feet of Christ into the world is one of the most significant things we do. And everyone is involved! There are local missions activities for kids, and youth are also actively engaged in on-going missions including their summer trips to the Navajo Nation, Weekend of the Cross, etc.

For more information, contact Shaun Weilmuenster, Missions Committee Chair.